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/17- Banquet and Election Results

Pull of the Year- Alexander Fireman Grounds

SF Puller of the Year- Ron Dennison

2.6 Puller of the Year- Dominic Gambino

LSS Puller of the Year- Roy Metz/ Herm Musty

2WD Puller of the Year- Erv Clark

MOD Puller of the Year- Don Telaak

HSS Puller of the Year- Henry Everman

Sportsmanship Award- Mike Garofalo

Rookie of the Year Award- Cortney Thompson

Hans Boxler Sr Memorial "Above and Beyond" Award- Luke Comstock

Election Results

President- Scott Adams

Vice President- Adam Draudt

Secretary- Sara Franz

Treasurer- Roy Metz

2.6 Director- Liz Cooke

HSS Director- Dave Witkowski

2WD Director- Dan MacDonald






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