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(From the Jeff Luckey Collection)

Gary Granger loses a wheel at Syracuse. (1993)

Jimmy Meeder subbing for Joel Fairchok has problems at Pike. (2001)

Pete Zdjelar breaks a wheel off at Dansville. (2002)

Dave Shoemaker expires an engine at Horseheads. (1993)

Mark Hootman blows the side shield off the tractor at E Eden. (1995)

Joe Telaak comes down hard on the front end at Pike. (1994)

Rich Rockefeller has some problems at Caledonia. (1994)

Phil Doty takes an oil bath at Holley. (2006)

Charlie Hirsch slams down the front end at E Eden. (1991)
Chris Cole has severe engine damage at Alexander. (2005)
Martin Westfall has parts coming out the bottom at Caledonia. (1990)
The Nuclear Toy lives up to its name at Alexander. (1999)
Eric VanValkenburg takes a hot ride at Chaffee. (2004)
Mark Cook gets a bump from behind at Cuba. (1991)
Kevin Windsor loses a smoke pipe at Whitney Point. (1989)
Henry Everman three wheels his super farm at Langford. (2008)
Danny Beal collapses the front end at Alexander. (2005)
Ken Shearing tries a new exhaust set up at Chaffee. (1998)
Kevin Dambach loses a rear tire at Troy. (1993)
Scott Kupiec flames her up at Alexander. (1998)
Ken Angell expires an engine at East Eden. (1995)
Henry Everman takes a smoke bath at Chaffee. (2004)
Matt Beckwith takes a hard ride at Penn Yan. (2009)
Randy Schmitz keeps on pulling at Little Valley. (1992)
John Raymond after a violent engine explosion at Alexander. (2006)
Howie Barraclough almost dissapears at Dunkirk. (1993)
Leon Dries wipes out the fron end at East Eden. (1989)
Dave Galley dumps a bunch of oil at Smethport. (1992)
To Be Continued............



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