Archive Of The Week

(From the Jeff Luckey Collection)

Dave Gracie- Langford 1989


Justin Weaver- Alexander 2002


Gaeton Yelle- Syracuse 1992



Robert Willoughby- Caledonia 1994


Bob Wittenbrader- Hemlock 1991



Joe Flannery- Hamburg 1989


Jeff VanValkenburg- Alexander 1998



Bob Fintak- E Eden 1988


Phil Doty- Langford 2000



Dan Thomas- Pike 1990










































































































































Pics from Alan Nesbitt

Caledonia 1979








Hemlock 1979



Caledonia 1980

Gerald George








Curt Robbins


Pic from Mike Marshall


Pics from Frank Beal









Pic from Gary Giles


Pics from Bill Hill















Pics from Sharon Grimmelt

Colin Broughton



Gary Giles 1978


Pics from Danny Beach









Pics from Tom Ricketts




 Pics from Rich Rockefeller


Bill Rockefeller (Mid-80's)



Lloyd Christ's IH 1066 around 1978 at Lockport Fairgrounds


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